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IT IS SIMPLE is fully committed to provide baby boomers and seniors a better understanding of the basics of computers; how to use them on a day-to-day basis; how to use the Internet, e-mail, find health related information, or just have fun playing games. We offer an enjoyable FUN learning experience in a group setting or in the comfort of the home. Our aim is to decrease the digital divide by providing affordable computer training at retirement communities, churches, social groups, and veterans’ centers. We also offer one-on-one private lessons covering all facets of computer literacy customizing it to meet the person’s needs and interests.

One-on-One Computer and Internet Tutoring

Some people learn better when the lessons are tailor-made to their needs, interests and skill levels. That is what the one-on-one tutoring is about. IT IS SIMPLE will create a customized lesson plan for you based on your interests and learning goals. This service is specifically designed for individual learning with a more direct focus on your needs.

Group Computer and Internet Classes

IT IS SIMPLE’s approach to instruction is a FUN, hands-on approach. We make the use of technology as accessible and friendly as possible. Through examples, visual aids and lecture, the instructors illustrate the “how-to” of the lessons. Throughout the courses, the students are encouraged to direct their own learning.

IT IS SIMPLE offers three levels of classes for learning: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each learning level consists of 4 classes and each class session is 2 hours.  Courses can be customized according to the training level and the need of the Group.  Please call 703-627-6778 if your facility needs different classes or training sessions from the ones listed below.


New Courses for ” Encore Entrepreneurs”:
Beginners & Those in need of Organization


  • Customer/Prospective Database Management
  • Email Marketing/Networking
  • Social Media for Businesses
  • Teleconferencing (most are “free”)
  • Innovative Apps (manage your business while on the move)



I. Beginner Level Classes – Getting to Know Your Computer

What Are My Purchasing Options:  Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
Meet Your Computer:  Navigating Your Computer (Yes, You Are In Charge!)
What’s This World Wide Web: Communicating inexpensively with other people
Cell phones vs. Smart phones/ iPad vs. Kindle Fire HD

This level is for individuals who have rarely used a computer. The courses provide basic and introductory knowledge for using computers. There will be no computer jargon.

Once participants complete this level of training, they will be able to know: (a) how to turn on their computer, understand hardware and software, and how to navigate their computer; (b) what is needed to get their equipment a service provider so that they can connect to the internet (c) how to access the World Wide Web and (d) Smart phone basics—how to basically use their phones.

II. Intermediate Level Classes– E-Mail, Word Processing, and the Web

Staying in Touch by Email: Compose and Send Email
Staying in Touch by Written Correspondence: Microsoft Word
Surfing the World Wide Web: There is Another World Out there!
Tablets/iPads and eBook Readers: How to Navigate a Tablet

These classes are for individuals who have some familiarity with computers. They may own a computer and have a service provider (ability to connect to the internet) but have a fear of using their equipment.

After completing these classes, participants will know: (a) what electronic mail is about and how to read and send messages; (b) how to access a word processing program; save, print and retrieve documents they have produced; (c) how to access the world wide web and navigate it; and (d) basics of tables, electronic book readers and iPAD.

III. Advanced Level Classes – Finding Fun on the Web: Social Media

Advanced Email – Web Links and Graphics, Avoiding Spam
Social Media 1: Facebook
Social Media 2: Twitter
Other Widgets and Gadgets, APPs: Skype/LinkedIn/YouTube

These classes are designed for individuals who have computers and use them on a regular basis. The classes will enable participants to maximize the use of the computer applications, and learn about social media programs, such as Facebook and Twitter (Do you Tweet?)

At the end of these courses, participants will be able to (a) attach files to their email, save files that have been sent to them (pictures, documents) and learn best practices to use the Internet safely; (b) update their Facebook profile, find friends and post messages as well as share quick thoughts with their friends using Twitter; (c) find the best sites for dining, travel, physician and music recommendations as well as connecting to their colleagues through business-oriented social network (LinkedIn), browsing on a video-sharing Web site (YouTube), and video-conferencing online (Skype) free of charge.

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