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IT Is Simple has been providing technology training to our residents for the past year.  Mercedeh and Stephanie are knowledgeable and engaging. They make technology easy and accessible for our residents who are interested in coming up to speed in this technology driven world.  The team is capable of covering all levels of technology from helping the newbie to set themselves up on social media, to in-home training to take residents to the next level.  They know their stuff  and know how to convey it concisely and with patience.  We now consider Mercedeh and Stephanie to be a part of our Leisure World of Virginia family!
Donaliece Carey
Director Community Activities
Leisure World of Virginia
19375 Magnolia Grove Square
Lansdowne, VA  20176
(703) 723-1501

IT Is Simple is a delightful way to learn and have fun surfing the internet. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge, are super patient and can help you  with Facebook, Twitter, emailing  and keep you connected to friends and love ones near and far.  Sharing experiences ,pictures and being in real time is a great opportunity IT Is Simple has helped me and I will call on Steph or Mercedeh whenever I’m ready to take the next Simple step.
Cyndi Goldberg

 Hi Mercedeh
Thanks again for your patience and guidance today.  It was most appreciated!Ray and I are finding that we really need instruction in photo management (see list below) and wonder if you would be able to give us another computer meeting in the upcoming week or two?
Here are some specific needs we have: teach us how to do photos:
_ how to send photos from the iPhone to a person
_ how to send photos from a camera to the computer
_ how to send photos from a computer to a person
_ how to send photos from a camera to a person
_how to send a group of picture from the camera or computer together
Many thanks
Joan L.
Leisure World of Virginia
Hi Mercedeh
I thought that we had a good session today, and I have been faithful in practicing my lessons. You are a fine teacher, Mercedeh.



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